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DIY: Ugly Sweater Wreath

My all-time favorite DIY occasion during the holidays is the sometimes obnoxious and always entertaining Ugly Sweater Party. You will not see me sporting a last minute Amazon sweater, oh no, this is a chance to get creative!

This year the idea came to me while I was scrolling through instagram and double tapping on all of the beautiful wreath creations people have been making. Why wouldn't I take one of my favorite symbols of the season and put it on my sweater!


  • sweater (I found a $15 ivory sweater dress at Walmart. Be sure to find one with long sleeves)

  • 4 sheets of 9x12 dark green felt

  • 4 sheets of 9x12 light green felt

  • 1 red bow

  • hot glue

  • scissors

1. Cut. Cut all the felt into 3x3 squares. Trim the sides to make leaf shapes.

2. Put the sweater on and grab a stick of green chalk. (It may be helpful to have a friend help with this part.) Place your hands together and use the chalk to roughly draw in a circle where the wreath will be.

3. Remove the sweater and lay it out on a flat surface. Starting from the tip of a sleeve, hot glue the leaves in an overlapping patten, being sure to mix the light and dark green leaves. Keep going until you reach the top of the sweater. Do the same for the other sleeve. Try on the sweater intermittently to make sure there are not any gaps in the wreath.

4. Take out the bow and hot glue it to the top of the wreath and you are ready to party!

Consider embellishing the wreath with ornaments, flowers or even battery operated twinkle lights. Let me know if you try it!

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